Standard Woven Sack PP Sacks

Standard Woven Sack PP Sacks


40x60 cm 34 1000
50x70 cm 43 1000
50x70 cm 50 1000
50x70 cm 50 1000
50x75 cm 45 500
50x75 cm 54 500
50x75 cm 62 500
60x90 cm 60 500
60x90 cm 72 500
60x90 cm 81 500
60x90 cm 94 500
60x95 cm 62 500
60x95 cm 75 500
60x95 cm 85 500
60x95 cm 97 500
65x100 cm 70 500
65x100 cm 85 500

The Ultimate Solution for Packaging Excellence!

✔️ Strength & Durability: Our woven sacks are built to withstand the weight and pressures of flour, feed, rice, and wheat, ensuring maximum protection against tears and abrasions during transportation and storage.

✔️ Breathability: Say goodbye to moisture buildup! Our sacks are designed with breathable properties, guaranteeing proper air circulation vital for maintaining the quality of grains and flour.

✔️ Cost-Effective & Customizable: Strike the perfect balance between affordability and durability! Our sacks offer customization options in size, design, and printing, empowering your brand's identity while keeping costs in check.

✔️ Environmentally Friendly: Join the sustainability movement! Our sacks are reusable, recyclable, and often made from biodegradable materials, reducing environmental impact.

✔️ Moisture Resistance & Pest Protection: Shield your rice and wheat from moisture damage and pests. Our sacks provide the necessary protection against external elements, ensuring product integrity.

✔️ Easy Handling & Extended Shelf Life: Lightweight and easy to handle, our sacks streamline logistics while extending the shelf life of your packaged commodities.

Experience the Difference! Choose Woven Sacks for unrivaled durability, cost-effectiveness, and optimal product preservation in your industry.