How to import from Tepsan

Location Advantages

The geographic location of Tekirdağ City gives great opportunities to have a trade between many countries.

Since Tepsan in Tekirdağ City, we are 144 km and 1,5 hour away from Bulgarian border. We are also 108 km and 1 hour 15 minutes away from Greek Border.

Çorlu Airport is 60 km away which takes only 50 minutes from Tepsan HQ.

International Istanbul Airport is 139 km and 1 hour 40 minutes away.

We also have a big seaport called Asyaport to use Marine logistics to anywhere in the World.

For railway logistics we have connection from Muratlı to Tekirdağ railway to Access Ro-Ro services.

Free Trade Zone

We are 55 km and 51 minute away from European Free Trade Zone in Velimese.


We have Customs Directorate in Tekirdağ City.