Tepsan Plastic Industry was established in 1972 to serve as a plastic packaging manufacturer in Turkey.

In an area of ​​14,000 square meters combined, we produce a polypropylene bag, polypropylene rope and polyethylene bags made to order or delivered from stock.

The products are made to order and made from original PP and / or PE. Products can be in any size, color and UV add-on as you like. Flexo printing can be applied up to six colors.

We have a plastic processing capacity of 400 tons per month.

100+ employees work at a factory to produce quality products.

At our recycling facility we have an annual donation of 1500 tons. We also produce soluble products in nature.


Retail, Food, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, mining, medical, agriculture and more

Main product lines

Polypropylene products, polyethylene products, baler twine, anti-bacterial single use products

Main products

A variety of bags, sacks and ropes.